The New Civil War: Abortion

The New Civil War: Abortion

Civil Righs Begin in the Womb

The ongoing epic saga of the battle for Civil Rights has gained a boost from African American activist sans poet Shawn Welcome. He has posted a video on YouTube of his work, “Stand4Life Promo (Shawn Welcome – Civil War)”

“Bayonets in my neighbors’ neck if they’re close enough, gun-smoke and tensions in the air, this won’t end for another four years. The American Civil War, a bloody conflict within the same nation. On the backs of Blacks was built the wealthiest…” he laments, “Slave ships were packed and hearts were hardened, never asked to be here how unfair that we’re the problem…“

Welcome continues: “Never asked to be here, how unfair that they’re the problem,” he says as he moves his hand in cradle formation near his stomach alluding to the unborn babies in America.
“All in the name of freedom. Party like a rock-star while little ones are dying.

“Silent screams from injected saline and dreams you will never hear because little lungs were punctured before they could fully function,


“How many freight trains of injustice will roll by behind church buildings while service inside sings louder?

“Hands in the air, pump up the volume…drowning out the rumblings of oppression.

“No formal funerals, nor miniature caskets, only the likes of medical waste to management tell me “how many pounds of flesh do you pick up for profit?

He continues with an eerie and compelling question: “And when will that “waste” begin to weigh down on your conscience?”

Play this video to hear the rest.

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5 thoughts on “The New Civil War: Abortion

  1. Love this. I am praying for eyes to be opened. I have talked to African American een and THEY THINK I AM LYING. When GRTL put up the billboards they said they were “racist” well, when some one is committing Genocide against a certain group then – THAT IS RACIST. And I am a liar. I pray for you Alveda. You are a wonderful woman of God. I cannot get any message to the African American because I am white. I am saddened by this.

  2. Shawn Welcome has grasped the baton, and he is Shadow Running…carrying Lincoln’s Gettysburg Cry for a New Birth…carrying King’s Reverberating Shout of Hope for those standing on the worn threshold that leads to the palace of justice…hope for those whose freedom is inextricably bound to ours. He runs with baton held high… illuminating the freight train of injustice rolling behind the church…reminding us all there is someone in that train. On this fine morning he lifts words moving with the power of Maya’s Inaugurating Pulse, reminding us all to give birth, again, to the dream.

    Thank you Dr. King for your post and all you do to be a voice for the voiceless.
    Cynthia Oelfke Prentice

  3. Silent no more!!!! “Can you hear their helpless screams from their mothers wombs?” NO? THEN YOU ‘RE NOT LISTENING HARD ENOUGH!!!

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